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1. Lisa Pacini, N
(The Artists/The Artists in Stockholm 2010)
... school of Design, Yale University, the Museum school of Fine Arts and received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from S.U.N.Y. in Purchase N.Y.  Lisa Pacini's works focuses on reflections and installations ...
2. New Nordic Art Exhibition, Stockholm
(New Nordic Art/Press)
... Stern, Le Monde, TIME Magazine, Newsweek and National Geographic. LISA PACINI (Norway) Lisa Pacini was born in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, USA in 1956. Lisa is educated from the Rhode Island school of ...
3. Nurith Lumer-Klabbers, DK
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
... Art Academy in Jerusalem, Israel in 1981. Since than she was taking different courses in School for Graphic Arts,  Aarhus, Denmark, and Classical Drawing, Viborg School for Animation, Denmark   ...
4. The Jury
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
... and Cultural Developer for Kulturdirektoratet, Fredriksberg. Donatella DePaoli (Norway): De Paoli is an Associate Professor of Cultural Management at the Norwegian School of Management (BI) in Oslo. ...
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