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1. New Nordic Art
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
... art from multicultural artists that live in the Nordic region. The artists selected reside in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Their country of origin includes Costa Rica, China, Israel, France, ...
2. Sasha Huber, SF
(The Artists/The Artists in Stockholm 2010)
... Zurich, Switzerland in 1975 and currently resides and works in Helsinki, Finland. Born of a Haitian mother and a Swiss father, Huber uses these cultural roots to influence and develop both her artistic ...
3. New Nordic Art Exhibition, Stockholm
(New Nordic Art/Press)
... cultural perspectives influencing the artistic world. The Featured Artists MARCUS BLEASDALE (Norway) Marcus Bleasdale was born in the UK to Irish parents and has established himself as one of the ...
4. Nurith Lumer-Klabbers, DK
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
... mounds to Jerusalem is not accidental.(coincidental). The fact that she was born and raised in Jerusalem, has given her particular sensitivity to cultural history and the human manifestation. That’s why ...
5. New Nordic Art Exhibit in Stockholm
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
... strives to contribute to both an understanding of immigrant art and to stimulate dialog and reflection by the general public on the different cultural perspectives influencing the artistic world. New ...
6. The Jury
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
... and Co-founder of the magazine and communications agency Cultures, which explores the processes that occur when two or more cultures meet. His expertise is cultural management, strategies and creative ...
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