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Marcus Bleasdale, N
Country of origin: UK Resides: Norway Med...
Sasha Huber, SF
Born 1975 Country of origin: Switzerla...
Lisa Pacini, N
Country of origin: USA Resides: Norway ...
Chikako Harada, SF
Country of origin: Japan Resides: Finland ...
Khaled Ramadan, DK
Country of origin: Lebanon Resides: Denmark ...
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New Nordic Art Exhibition, Stockholm


August 4, 2010

Five prominent immigrant artists living in the Nordic region will have their artwork presented at the second New Nordic Art Exhibition in 2010 at BERNS SALONGER IN STOCKHOLM SWEDEN.

The exhibition will run from August 12 – 26, 2010 with a vernissage on August 12th at BERNS SALONGER from 16:00-18:00.

Designed and implemented by the Leadership Foundation in collaboration with International Corporate Art, the exhibition features the work of expatriate artists residing in the Nordic countries. It highlights, through their installations, photographs and video, a new and emerging Nordic identity.

Over 70 artists applied to participate in the New Nordic Art Exhibition in 2010. The first exhibition was held at Voksenåsen galleri in Oslo in February 2010. An independent jury of art experts selected the artists now featured.

Pressrelease, New Nordic Art Exhibition at Berns, Stockholm[The pressrelease as a Word-file]123 Kb
Pressrelease, New Nordic Art Exhibition at Berns, Stockholm[The pressrelease as a PDF-file]53 Kb

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The Invitation, Berns August 12, 2010

Invitation to vernissage, August 12[ ]1318 Kb
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