Payday Loans
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Marcus Bleasdale, N
Country of origin: UK Resides: Norway Med...
Sasha Huber, SF
Born 1975 Country of origin: Switzerla...
Lisa Pacini, N
Country of origin: USA Resides: Norway ...
Chikako Harada, SF
Country of origin: Japan Resides: Finland ...
Khaled Ramadan, DK
Country of origin: Lebanon Resides: Denmark ...
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Criteria for selection

  • Work as a fulltime artist
  • Born outside of the Nordic area and moved to the Nordic areas after age 16
  • Reside in Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark
  • Have reputable, proven capability
  • Must be able to submit quality images (JPEG) representative of current work that is for potential sale
  • Contact

Please contact us at the following.