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The Jury


The independent jury is:

  1. Helene Haaland Mustad (Norway): Mustad is an art consultant with more than two decades of experience and educated in art history. Based in Oslo, she currently works with International Corporate Art, a consultancy with special expertise in public art for large projects, in particular over 100 cruise ships. Fifteen years as a total art program supplier to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines includes involvement with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Arts Grant, which has been awarding stipends to young Norwegian artists since 2003.
  2. Timothy Persons (Finland): Persons is Director of the Professional Studies Program and a Senior lecturer at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. In addition, he is curator of Gallery TaiK, one of the leading photographic galleries in northern Europe. Among his many other engagements, he is the artistic leader of VIPS (Video Photography Stockolm) in Kulturhuset, Sweden, a senior advisor to the Borås Art Museum, Sweden, and as well as a selection committee member of Paris Photo, Senior Curatorial Adviser KIASMA, Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki, Finland, Senior Curatorial Adviser The Royal Library, The National Museum of Photography Copenhagen, Denmark. Persons is also an artist, exhibiting mainly in Scandinavia and Germany.
  3. Niels Righolt (Denmark): Righolt is Chairman of the Board at CKI – The Danish Centre for Arts and Interculture and the Managing Director and Co-founder of the magazine and communications agency Cultures, which explores the processes that occur when two or more cultures meet. His expertise is cultural management, strategies and creative leadership and he currently sits on the Board of Dansescenen, Copenhagen’s theatre for contemporary dance. Past experience includes Director of Dunker Kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden and Chief Curator and Cultural Developer for Kulturdirektoratet, Fredriksberg.
  4. Donatella DePaoli (Norway): De Paoli is an Associate Professor of Cultural Management at the Norwegian School of Management (BI) in Oslo. She has been devoted to developing, anchoring and leading the new discipline 'cultural leadership' at BI, which resulted in the creation of a bachelor program, specialized courses, extensive lecturing activity. Her research interests include: management, organization and marketing of arts and culture, how aesthetics, art and culture can be used as a resource within the business sector and the development of fields of experience economy, creative industries and culture industry. De Paoli has authored several books and numerous articles on her areas of interest.
  5. Raja Wallenius (Sweden): Wallenius is an artist and illustrator, with a background of more than 30 years as a teacher, headmaster, bureaucrat and head of various organizations in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Educated in art history, film and with special training in watercolor, she is in particular engaged in the “Norse” culture and Nordic cooperation, thanks to her Sami and Finnish background. Amongst many other engagements, her experience includes being Director of the Nordic Institute in Finland, an institution for language comprehension, language and cultural cooperation and Advisor in the Nordic Council's Presidium, the welfare committee and the Culture and Education 2000-March 2003 (Deputy Council Director).
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